Where To Meet Rich Single Men?

meet rich single men

Meet a rich men to be a sugar baby is a lot of single girls or women's dream, but how to meet rich single men or rich sugar daddy? where shuld they to meet the rich single men? There are some places which rich single men like to visite.


Top 1: Aspen, Colo

We're not surprised this high-altitude resort town came out at the top of our list. Aspen does have just one Louis Vuitton store and less than a handful of plastic surgeons, but consider the fact that it has a population of just 6,000 and you start to see what a small and select group lives (or, more likely, has one of many vacation homes) here. According to our estimates, there is one private chef in town for every 150 residents, and Aspen was in the top ten when it came to median home price.


Top 2: Palm Beach, Fla

In the 1920s, everyone who was anyone wintered in this playground for the privileged. Today, that still holds true. America's wealthy converge on this slim barrier island for the season, a several-week-long stretch of glittering charity balls and endless parties. Palm Beach has one professional butler for about every 500 residents, which might almost seem low, and more orchestras per person than any place else on the list, which, given the indulgent lifestyle, might seem surprisingly high. And don't forget the houses: it's Mediterranean mansion central.


Top 3:San Francisco, Calif

Those who occupy the lofty elevations of Russian Hill, Pacific Heights and Presidio Heights would surely agree that San Francisco should be high on the desirability list. The weather may be damp and fickle, but this West Coast city has far more than its fair share of good food, good shopping, culture and high society. Anyway, the days of this being a hipster heaven are long gone as today you need plenty of bucks to live here.


Top 4: Santa Barbara, Calif

With a median home price of $960,000, it's no wonder Santa Barbara ranked 4th on our list. The posh coastal city also ranked in the top ten in the fine dining category. Even though there is no local Louis Vuitton store, it does boast a high percentage of personal chefs, butlers and, of course, celebrities neighbors like Oprah Winfrey. Oh yes, it's also really beautiful.


Top 5: New York, N.Y

With countless events happening every night of the week, let alone every second of the day, New York is a stomping ground like no other for the very rich and famous. Be seen not at the opera, but the operas, not to mention the ballets, plays and symphonies. Didn't score as high as we expected for beauty, but that's fine--all the models roaming around town make up for it.


Top 6: Las Vegas, Nev

As long as you don't mind the crowds, Las Vegas appears to be a great place to be rich. There's plenty of high-end shopping, lots of good restaurants and a fair number of plastic surgeons to keep everyone looking good. The median home price is $266,400, about 60% less than another top-scorer, San Francisco.


Top 7: San Jose, Calif

If you live in Atherton or Palo Alto, you know why San Jose made it onto our list. Ranking high in luxury goods, charity and culture measures, this California city attracts the wealthy and has the services to keep them happy.


Top 8: Miami, Fla

Especially for warm weather lovers, Miami is a little slice of heaven. South Beach offers an array of restaurants and nightclubs, and you are not likely to be disappointed by Coral Gables' beautiful mansions.


Top 9: San Diego, Calif

Though it didn't score particularly well in the culture or charity departments, San Diego doesn't weigh in too far from the top when it comes to pricey homes. It's tough, after all, not to be swayed by a year round average temperature of 70 degrees--not to mention La Jolla's stunning coastal views.


Top 10: Denver, Colo

Denver out-scored cities like Los Angeles and Seattle to earn 10th place on our list, so it's clear that Rocky Mountain city offers much more than rustic, Western appeal. Denver came in the top ten for both the culture and charity categories. Outdoor lovers certainly can't complain: Denver apparently has more than 300 sunny days a year, the largest park system in the U.S., and dozens of golf courses--not to mention plenty of skiing nearby.


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