What Mistakes Sugar Baby Should Avoid?


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The beginning of each prospective sugar relationship is an exciting but delicate terrain. A sugar baby who looks for a potential sugar daddy with an end goal of having her financial, physical and emotional needs met might make life difficult for him who might be looking for something important in a relationship. Thus, navigating in this crucial terrain will prove a success when as a sugar baby you avoid these common mistakes when finding rich single men or sugar daddies.


1. Avoiding research


As sugar baby looking for a rich sugar daddy on some sugar daddy site, you have to make proper research about his potential partner before going to the next level with him. A man will say and does anything to get what he wants: physical connection. Nonetheless, if it is not what you are after, then you should not get bulldozed by it. Ensure that he is successful as he claims to be. Be cautious of someone who's a show-boater.


2. Selling yourself short


You should avoid this as a sugar baby. An allowance given to you is not a handout. You merely receive a compensation for the many services you provide to your sugar daddy. Do not be afraid to come off selfish or greedy. Ask what is due for you. A lot of sugar daddies are canny businessmen. They tend to give you less than you are worth. When your sugar daddy asks what you want, he is also assessing your value. Thus, you have to set your value.


3. Delivering before receiving


This is a fatal mistake. A lot of aspiring sugar babies begin corresponding with their potential sugar daddy and immediately start giving him whatever he wants. Hoping for eventually getting into a certain arrangement with him, you are at his beck and call. You pick up his calls and let him talk as much as he wants. You then primp and polish yourself to meet him whenever he asks to see you. You might even sleep with that potential sugar daddy. That's really one big mistake.

You have to know what he wants and you should give him what he wants- that's a sugar baby skill. But you have to use it on your sugar daddy that you are already in an arrangement with. A prospective sugar daddy is not automatically your sugar daddy. You do not owe him anything. So, make sure to have an arrangement first before you give anything to him.


4. Not establishing your terms


In sugar daddy dating, you have to establish your terms from the very beginning. Do not think that everything will sort for itself out. Do not start to assert your terms when the arrangement is already in progress.


If you set your allowance at thousands per month, let him know and do not go on with the arrangement until he is clear with your terms. Do not be side-tracked by his gifts when you want an allowance. If your place is off-limits, then let him know from the start. If you have to travel to meet him, you have to let him know that you want travel expenses and accommodations apart from the allowance he gives you.


5. Revealing too much easily and quickly


If you happen to jump from one sugar to another, then it is not good to share it too quickly. Be careful about giving your personal information. It is not really being deceitful but you should just be cautious. Let the relationship grow naturally and let him know how you treat him in the present and what you can give to his future and not your mistakes in the past. Do not reveal too much about yourself, especially those that can turn him off.


6. Lacking appreciation


There are good sugar daddies as well. As you are in a relationship with one, you have to know how to express your appreciation for everything he does. You have to tell him he's unique to you and you can have a better and more satisfying relationship that you both are longing for.


In conclusion, you have to avoid the above mentioned mistakes if you need a sugar daddy that can satisfy you materially, financially and emotionally.


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