What to Expect on a First Date?

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No matter how many dates you might have been on before, a Sugar-Date is something entirely its own! Whether you're new to the Sugar Bowl or a long-time baby, you need to familiarize yourself with the Sugar Etiquette!


The first meet between a Sugar Baby and their potential Millionaire Sugar Daddy(POT) lays the foundation for your connection. Knowing what's next can help to ease your nerves and make the whole experience less worrisome.


So what exactly can you expect while on your first M & G?


There are entirely different expectations and etiquette for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies going into a first date. Babies need to show their POT why they should want to shower them with gifts and lavish things, while Daddies need to prove that they're going to provide for their Baby.


The 'get to know each other' conversation.


The first meeting always calls for the get-to-know-each-other chit chat. Much like your vanilla first dates, an M & G involves making a good first impression! You and your POT must have things in common and enjoy a mutual exchange of conversation. You should take note of any interests they have mentioned and study up.

Taking the time to research your POT's interests means you won't end up with those awkward silent moments. Instead, you can both enjoy a lively conversation. Keep abreast with current affairs and world news too! There's always something happening that makes for an exciting topic of discussion.


Don't expect any gifts just yet.


Too many Sugars go into a Meet and Greet thinking they're going to get lavished with gifts right off the bat. Just isn't realistic, even in the Sugar World! Of course, there are exceptions and some POT's want to show their generosity from the start. Don't accept anything from your Potential unless you feel comfortable. Taking gifts without any possibility of a Sugar Relationship isn't how you want to handle things.



Don't think you will have sex on a first date.


Realistically speaking, a Meet and Greet is all about working out the perfect arrangement for both parties. It's not about having sex right away! Of course, if you're hitting it off and both of you want to take things to the next level, then by all means. But, remember to be respectful; otherwise, you won't present yourself as a desirable Potential!


Talk about money openly.


Sugar Baby Dating revolves around some financial arrangement, and it's best to discuss this at your first meeting! That way both parties know what the other expects and there's no confusion or disappointments later on. Figure out if you're looking to enter a short or long-term arrangement. Whether it will be a Pay-Per-Meet relationship or if you will reward your SB with an allowance.

If you decide on an allowance, discuss whether you will pay your Sugar Baby on a weekly or monthly basis, and how much you will be giving them. Is gifting expected on top of the allowance, or just on special occasions? These are essential elements to talk about on a Meet and Greet.

Most importantly, keep an open mind and enjoy yourself! Remember you and your Potential are about to enter a mutually rewarding arrangement and keep your eyes on the prize! This way, both people can enjoy their experience all the more.


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